Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Facebook stealing your images?

Read the terms of use on Facebook. If you post a photo there, they (Facebook), has the right to use the image, or resell the image WITHOUT giving you credit, or any of the proceeds. 
Also should you send that photo to someone else as long as it is on Facebook anywhere they have the right to use it any way they see fit.

         The trend for copying your images and using them without compensation to you as a photographer is growing.  For the larger ones like Facebook, Google.  Corporations are spear heading the act.  Corporations are working on passing the "Orphan Act" Look it up...!

          Ok, not only the website you upload image to, state that when you upload the images, they consider it free for them to use. Then they in turn sell them to third parties commercial enterprises that use your images.  

Facebook for instance: When you upload your images, that process alone will strip your meta data which leave your works "Orphan"   At the same time they have information on how to stop somebody from using your image without your consent to make you feel all warm and cozy.    

         Recently I have shot very nice portraits or pin ups for clients. They put their images up on Facebook, model mayhem etc. Then I get a call from my client telling me that their images have been stolen and put on "My Red Book, Escort Services Websites with somebody else name attach. I have also found other photographers that have used my images on their website and passed them as their own. 

 I have also have found my images on Deviant Art photo gallery. A retouch artist has taken my images and retouched it with graphics and pass the whole image as their own without at least giving me credit for the photo.  Sometime they don't even bother stripping my watermark off the image.

Other Facebook people have copied my image of them or their friends, with my watermark clearly on the image, then post them on facebook.  Without buying the image from me. 

Generally how I found out about my work being used is, Friends, other photographers, clients and their friends find these images and they contact me for help.    

So far these groups are at fault. Facebook at least tells you in their fine print that they may and will use your work. 
  • Facebook, 
  • Model Mayhem, and the like
  • Deviant Art
  • Escort websites, 
  • Picasso
  • Flickr
  • other photographers who pass their work out as their own...

Put a watermark straight across your image. Downsize to 72 dpi. Do not resharpen when downsizing. The quality of your work should still show thru. 
Now I have to go back and do the same with my images.  
Read the terms of use on Facebook. If you post a photo there, they (Facebook), has the right to use the image, or resell the image WITHOUT giving you credit, or any of the procedes. Also should you send that photo to someone else as long as it is on Facebook anywhere they have the right to use it any way they see fit.

Be very careful what you put up on Facebook. This was a discussion here about two or three months ago.
Posted by Kevin

Thursday, May 12, 2011

See If You Have What It Takes To Become A Female Model

See If You Have What It Takes To Become A Female Model

Professional female model photographers are asked this question constantly. This question can not be answered honestly by a photographer, but they can tell you certain qualifications needed for modeling.

To find your true answer to "Do I Have the Look?", you need to contact several modeling agencies. Remember, agents are always looking for a specific set of physical criteria on female models, and the look they want changes from day to day.

Six Ways To Tell if You've Got The Look

If you have any questions about how you can know if you've got the look to become a female model, keep reading and hopefully you will find out if you should pursue a modeling career.

1. Do You Have The Right Physical Requirements for High Fashion Female Modeling?

Your height is a very crucial factor if you are considering the high fashion industry. Top agencies such as Elite and Ford require a girl's height to be between 5'8" to 6'.

Other requirements for high fashion female models are:

Bust: 32-35"

Waist: 22-25"

Hips: 33-36"

2. Has Anyone Said "You Have a Commercial Modeling Look?"

If you weren't blessed with height, but have a knack for selling, commercial modeling may be just what you want. You will just need to practice giving the look that will help sell the product. .

3. Have You Considered Glamour and Beauty Modeling?

If you are one of the lucky ones with a flawless complexion, you may decide on becoming a beauty model. For those that have a great body and don't mind showing it off, glamour modeling may be your choice.

Height is not an issue in glamour modeling, but you must have a toned body with 34-B Bust, 22-24" Waist and 34" Hips.

4. Are You Too Old To Start a Modeling Career?

Yes, there are women 35 and older who have gorgeous looks and bodies. Anyone who watched the TV show "She's Got The Look" knows this for a fact. If you are 35 or older and have the looks and body required for modeling, Go For It !!!!

Female modeling picture
Model is Lindy

5. Do You Have A Figure For Modeling?

Do you feel like you either weigh too much or maybe too little to become a female model?

Don't get discouraged because there is a place for plus size and petite modeling in the industry.

Remember, if you are a plus or petite size and plan to start a modeling career, you still want your body to be well-proportioned and toned.

6. Is Your Body Fit and Healthy Inside and Outside?

Even though having the right height and looks are essential in becoming a model, there are many other aspects that are very important.

Keep your body and mind in shape by eating healthy and daily exercise. Drink plenty of water and AVOID alcohol and drugs.

Bring out your true model beauty with an outgoing personality, good attitude and professionalism.

I hope this gave you a better insight on your question "Do I Have The Look" and if you plan to pursue a modeling career, Good Luck!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tribal Dancer Photoshoot..! Again..!

After I had posted images of my shoot with Tribal Belly Dancer Sawako. Photographers I know were  requesting another Photoshoot.  I wanted to include a friend of mine who is another Tribal Belly Dancer.  Her name is Badia and both Badia and Sawako are both avaiblable to dance for you.  They are beautiful and exotic.  While I am now processing the images.  Her is the first one of Badia..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for a fashion shoot or Photo Session for a Portfolio?

Are you excited that your going to shoot?  
First time? Shooting with a professional who is helping you put your concepts together?  If you already have a modeling job then you don't have to worry about gathering information, concepts and putting together the look you need. Cause your a working model. But if your just learning and putting together your port,  here are some very general guidelines to help you figure things out and to make shooting you easier for the photographer.

Ok, here are some guidelines to prepare for your shoot. 
  • Get some good sleep the night before.
  • Eat a light meal before coming arriving.
  • Drink lots of water to reduce wrinkles and make your face look fuller.
  • Don’t eat bread the night before or the like. (bloats the tummy and other body parts such as face)
  • Arrive in sweatpants and shirt. Do not wear underwear of any type of attire that will cause a line imprints on your skin.  Especially if you would like to have some shots  in lingerie, swimsuit or less. 
  • While modeling, just as the high fashion models don’t.  Do not wear underwear or bra. (So straps, bra or underwear lines will show thru.   Straps look unprofessional.  Underwear showing thru is also tacky looking and unprofessional and cannot be retouched smooth.  You want a natural body look. A spot like those pesky nipples or shadow is easier to retouch out, rather than a whole bra line.  Wear foundation only unless it was decided what make up your are wearing
  • Bring all jewelry accessories and props you think we could possibly use. Ie: Cowboy hat, men’s shirt, boa, head bow etc  No HOOP earring. So ghetto..!!!
  • No piercing thru your nose, lips, eyebrows etc. Unless there is a look your going for.
  • All fashion you would like to wear.
  • Bring heels for each fashion to match.
  • Iron all fashions you plan to wear.
  • Bring all your makeup.
  • Bring ideas of poses and concept you would like to shoot.  (Cut out magazine pictures, copy pictures from computer to show etc. )
  • if you have a make up and hair artist. Don't wash your hair. It will hold the style. Wash hair won't.
Ok here is your guide to what to wear and bring. We are going to keep it simple.  These are only suggestions. The photographer do not know exactly what your goal is or your need.  But your goal is to make all your shots that you like outstanding..!  Allot of that depends on your energy. 

Clothing and fashion.  Bring rich colors to wear. Nothing that looks worn of faded. Unless it’s a look you want. Rich browns and reds etc. That compliments your skin tone. One white spring dress loose fitting for a beauty shot. Spring dresses.

For you first photo port, you will need these basics shots for agents to see.  I will be making your head shot portrait for your book and digital comp card.  See attached for comp card.  Later you will need to order lots of head shots to give out at auditions, etc.

Head shots, you will need two basic shots. One natural and one more glamorous.  One with a great natural smile and one without.
A nice collared shirt and long sleeves. Your business suit outfit is perfect.  Bring glasses too to make you look cute and smart...! 
Natural Make Up: to make you look like you’re not wearing any and have natural beauty and cuteness. 
The second look will be all glamour make up. Fashion to match.

We will shoot head shot as your first pictures and then throughout your shoot.  Sometimes the best head shots with lots of energy are caught during the shoot when you’re more relaxed...

Body shots, full and 3/4:  Need a colorful spring dress, spaghetti straps and very feminine. Fun and flirty
and one white flow spring dress.  And one tighter dress, more fashion... bring accessories

Swimsuit: If your shoot is for modeling or fashion then you might need one. An image will go into your comp card.  If acting or singing then really there's no need, but it can't hurt.  If you do a swimsuit shot, colorful and not too tight with no padded cups.  Nice earrings and shoes to go with it.  Maybe a matching head scarf. It's considered fashion.  Remember you will be retouched as needed.

Additional suggested fashions:  A sports outfit...Bring a prop... Tight turtleneck sweater and matching pants or jeans.( great black and white) yoga outfit, dance outfit, White t-shirt and faded jeans, cute PJ's,

Also bring an assistant to help you change etc.  If you’re under 18 you need to bring a guardian at least 18 and over to witness and sign a release.  Lotion extra make up, earring etc.  No glitter make up.

Again, you will required to sign a release and fill out a model detail sheet. So the photographer can make and order you Zen/Comp card.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would YOU pose nude to boost your self esteem? Growing trend women of every shape and size baring all for VERY personal portraits

It sounds like a mortifying ordeal most of us would shy away from, but more and more women are posing for nude portraits as presents for their partners or morale-boosting treats for themselves.

Businesswoman Rachael Ritchie, 41, lives in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, with her husband, James, a 41-year-old mechanic, and their daughter, Charlie, 17, and son, Sam, 12. Rachael says:
I've spent 20 years bemoaning the way I look and enduring endless diets in an attempt to change my body shape.
Since I married James in 1991, I’ve been every size, from a 12 to a 20, but at no point have I felt completely happy with my appearance. Yet through all those years of yo-yo dieting my ­husband has always told me I am the most beautiful woman he knows. He buys me pretty underwear and tells me I’m sexy, but still I beat up myself over my curves.

Claire McLauchlin-WHhitehead, 28, is a PR executive. She lives in Manchester with her businessman husband, Anthony, 27. Claire says:
No one knows what I’m doing today — my husband thinks I’m working late. It’s not that I’m embarrassed; I just don’t feel the need to tell people about it.
I’ve no idea how Anthony will react when I give him the ­pictures: they’re a gift for our first wedding anniversary. He’ll either love them or think it’s vain and self-indulgent. I want him to remember that the girl he married 12 months ago is still full of surprises. That I am daring and unpredictable, and ­perfectly capable of running off and having a stark naked ­picture taken without telling him first. 
I’ve always hated my legs — I’m convinced they are bigger and chunkier than they actually are — but seeing the shots made me ­realise it’s all in my head.
I know my body is far from perfect, but having these ­photographs taken is a way of teaching me not to ­agonise over my looks.

Hollie Brackenridge, 26, is a full-time mother to Scarlette, five, Isabella, three, and 14-month-old Brodie. She lives in Luton with her husband Matt, 34, a vehicle inspector. Hollie says:
Taking off my clothes to be photographed naked is my way of hammering the final nail into the coffin of the person I became after I was struck down with post-natal depression ­following the birth of my middle child.
These pictures are proof that the real me is alive and kicking again.

At first, that picture tormented me. I was barely functioning at the time — just getting out of bed and pulling on clean clothes felt like a huge effort.
Battle scars: Hollie now sees her stretch marks has a celebration of life
Battle scars: Hollie now sees her stretch marks has a celebration of life
Matt was keeping the family together. He took time off work to look after the children and me; he was more like my carer than my husband. I felt a failure as a woman and as a mother. 
Suddenly, that picture gave me something to aim for. So as soon as I lost my baby weight, I vowed to have another set of nude photographs taken as gift for Matt to show him that he has his wife back again.
I was more nervous this time. My body has carried and breastfed two more children. I’m normally obsessed with my stretch marks and the way my body has changed after having children, but, in fact, I realised these ‘battle scars’ are a ­celebration of my life, how far I’ve come and the beautiful children I’ve carried.
As I stood there naked, I felt really good about myself. And I’m more proud of these pictures than the ones taken when I was so much younger.
My body and I have been through so much and these photographs are testament to the fact I’ve survived.
I will hang my favourite on the wall next to the old photograph with great pride
Hollie Brackenridge

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sawako Tribal Bellydance

Sawako final images are ready for your viewing.  She was possibly one of the easiest models to shoot.  She is a natual in front of the camera. The challenge was the lighting.  I added two kicker lights to make the image pop.  Then with my skills in processing the images I was able to really bring it out.  copyright michael torres 2011.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sawako Tribal Bellydance

Over the weekend we had the chance to shoot Sawako Ama. Tribal Belly Dancer. 
Photographer Ed Carly assisted me in this shoot and we had a blast.  We shot at her Dance/Yoga Studio.  Her studio had a beautiful aroma of incense in the air.. 

We shot for about 3 hours altogether and we got some amazing images.  Sawako is from Japan. She was born and raised in a Buddhist temple in the south part of Japan, Later in life she traveled and settled in Sacramento.  She teaches Belly Tribal Dance in her studio in Fair Oaks, California.   She was featured in the Sacramento Press News. “Sawako Ama was my favorite. She kept my attention,” said Merssia Enriquez.

You can read more about her and get direction to her studio here:

We shot lots of action images of her dancing.  For now here is a standing portrait for her files.  Lighting, One 45 degree back camera right and one Soft Box Spot in front.
Belly dance or Bellydance is one of the most exotic and can be one of the most erotic forms of dance.

Western-coined name for a traditional Middle Eastern dance, specifically Egyptian ghawazi dance in the 19th century, and raqs sharqi (Arabic: رقص شرقي‎) in the 20th century. The term is sometimes extended to include all traditional Middle Eastern dances.
The term "belly dance" is a translation of the French danse du ventre which was applied to oriental dance in the Victorian era. The term is somewhat misleading, as every part of the body is involved; the most featured body part usually is the hips. Belly dance takes different forms in different regions, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.
Other traditions either included under the term, or often cross-trained by belly dancers include Romani dance, Persian dance and the dances of Central Asia.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Gulf Photo Plus :: The Shootout with David Hobby and Joey L.

Photography Clubs in the Arab States...!

Some of the Biggest Photography events in the world happen in the Middle East.  Positive Information about Arab states are cencored all over the US.  Why?  Because politcal forces in the US need a boogy man for you to fear.  So you don't hear about event like this..!!!

While I was stationed in the middle east on military duty I discovered Glamour, Commercial and Middle Eastern Boudoir Photography..

Here is a Photo Shootout..! Dubai Studio City in Dubai, sponsored a Photographers Shootout featuring some of Americas Editorial/Commerical Photographers. Here is a video featuring one such shoot out with american photographer David Hobby.

Also, WPPI Convention has its counterpart in the Middle East sponsor by GPP..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Do I Need in a Model Portfolio?

Portfolios and Comp Cards

 "What do I need in a model portfolio?".

Whether you are looking to be a fashion, commercial, or glamour model can effect what images you decide to use. Preteen, teen, female, and male models also might want to focus on different types of shots. There is a lot of room to be creative and to help yourself stand out and get noticed, which can help you get work. There are some types of shots that are typically included.

Pictures in Your Book
Great photos of yourself in a wide variety of poses or situations so that you can showcase your versatility.

The standard shots include a head shot, a full body shot in some fashion (usually taken in a swim suit), and a close up shot (can be shot indoors or outdoors with ambient light and with little or no makeup ) at the very least.
Usually you want to include some sort of artistic shot as well.

There is no fast set rule either about whether the images should be black and white or color, so you might want to use a mix.

Get noticed!!
Only the absolute best should go into your portfolio, and you want to limit the number to a reasonable amount, such as something between eight and twenty photos tends to be considered optimal.

Image Print Size
Usually 8 x 10 or 9 x 12.  Bigger is better.

Include your resume as well.  Usually its attached on the back of your head shot.  If you don't have much of a resume' don't worry.  Any experience to good. Have a good atitude, be on time for you shoots, appointments and be happy. 

What are Comp Cards?
Another related question has to do with composite cards commonly known as comp cards. These are usually 6x9" cards with a headshot on the front. Flip it over and you'll see anywhere between 4 to 6 images on the back along with the model's statistics. A sample of the stats to include is ...
  • NAME
  • EMAIL and/or WEBSITE
  • TYPE OF MODELING ( i.e. commercial, fashion, runway, event, glamour, artistic, etc.)
These are things the modeling agency or talent scout will be interested in. Comp cards are great because they are very inexpensive (+ or - $125.00 per hundred, full color) and give them to the agent to keep on file. Professional models use them and so should you.

It is also a good idea to check out the submission requirements of the agencies that you are hoping to work for before creating your modeling portfolio. Ford, IMG, or Elite, for example, might require something specific ( especially geared toward tall girls and guys ) and you want to make sure that both you and your portfolio fit what they are looking for.

Practice your posing so that you'll be ready for the photographer to create a killer modeling portfolio you'll be proud to show. The first step to success is to make it happen by being prepared. Contact me of any additional questions.

Promotional Portraits

All the guys in the picture is me..! 

I been working on promotional portraits using one person lots of time in one photos.  If your a Musician and need a CD cover with something unique then you might like this.  This is also a great fashion promo if your a model. 

Got an idea?  Email me and we will give it a try...!
Here is my self portrait with that concept.
I can do this for you.  In the city, at the park, in your home. at a club.  Whats your idea?

Funny Pictures

AAAhh...!!!! GIANT BABY...RUN..!!!!

I love photographing kids..!    They can't keep still..!!!    So just go with the flow.  Move around with them..!! 

But if a MOM does want a sitting portrait of there little one. I do have a few tricks in my camera bag including toys.   The key is to be patient and wait for a few right moments.  Get down at their eye level. Take all the time you need to get the right shot.  But in between the right shots. HAVE SOME FUN..!!!  

Here is GIANT BABY...AHHHH...!!!  SHE WANTS HER BA BA....!!!!  RUN...!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Head Shots

My friend Lynn who is also a photographer by the way.  Wanted to shoot with me. We were taking a class on Fine Art Wedding Portraiture Photography.  I had learned all about loop lighting, butterfly, split and  Rembrandt lighting.  

I wanted to try some shots without the 4 lighting classics.  I abandoned the ratio associated with lighting too and elected to light straight on.  The problem with this type of lighting is that you can wash out the definition of the subject face.  So you have to have make up on extra heavy AND you have to make sure the exposure is totally correct.  Yeah, yeah yeah, I know...!  You can shoot, adjust the exposure, Shoot, adjust, shoot adjust.
But when you are at my level of experience you do it right the first time, small adjustments and then adjust to get the effect you want.  Hey thats what I get paid for. Not by time to do the shoot but by my experience to get the shot right..! 

 Lynn was the model and we brought in a make up artist to make her up.  Oh, did I mention she is also a photographer?  Lynn photograph families portraits, children and pets.  She is also a great model as you can see. We shot pin ups too..!!! 
Anyway, If you need her services let me know. 

Ok, So we shot a series and I put these together as a acting head collage.  I LIKE THIS LIGHTING..!  :)

 Lynn did some acting to make this photo pop..!!!  Very little retouch.  Now I added this to my lighting technique for models and people.  What do you think?    I want you all to try it and send me your result.!  I will post it if you like..! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Modeling | Acting Portfolio

Tiffiny graduated from Sac State and the weekend she left she called me up and wanted to know if I can do a Acting / Modeling photoshoot for her. We shot and the next day she left for LA. She is attending law school and auditioning for commercials or what ever she can get.  She liked her portfolio alot and used the images I shot to give to agents. 
 If your an Actor, Dancer, or Model you will need a portfolio.  I have photographed Head Shots, Comp Card images and Portfolios for people to build their ports for themselves and for casting agencies. Some of the agencies in town want you to go to their photographers.  Pay them $600.00 or more and give the agencies a kick back.  Your in and out in 45 mins what they shot is what you get.  Don't fall for that. Come see me and I will shoot till you get the images you like.  Lets see what we can do for you.

Funny Pictures

I love funny pictures. If you have some send them to me....  Don't have to be politically correct...!!

Photo Session with Rob Slusser...! Photographer

Rob and I are taking Advance Studio Lighting classes at CRC. We are in our last classes to get our certificates.  We both been shooting for years but we always wanted to catch that elusive certificate in Photography, Fine Art Photography, etc
Anyway, Janna was in town and wanted to shoot.  Here is a before and after image of Janna.  I always retouch all my images.  This is just a quick touch up but you can see some differences.  Take look what do you think?