Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for a fashion shoot or Photo Session for a Portfolio?

Are you excited that your going to shoot?  
First time? Shooting with a professional who is helping you put your concepts together?  If you already have a modeling job then you don't have to worry about gathering information, concepts and putting together the look you need. Cause your a working model. But if your just learning and putting together your port,  here are some very general guidelines to help you figure things out and to make shooting you easier for the photographer.

Ok, here are some guidelines to prepare for your shoot. 
  • Get some good sleep the night before.
  • Eat a light meal before coming arriving.
  • Drink lots of water to reduce wrinkles and make your face look fuller.
  • Don’t eat bread the night before or the like. (bloats the tummy and other body parts such as face)
  • Arrive in sweatpants and shirt. Do not wear underwear of any type of attire that will cause a line imprints on your skin.  Especially if you would like to have some shots  in lingerie, swimsuit or less. 
  • While modeling, just as the high fashion models don’t.  Do not wear underwear or bra. (So straps, bra or underwear lines will show thru.   Straps look unprofessional.  Underwear showing thru is also tacky looking and unprofessional and cannot be retouched smooth.  You want a natural body look. A spot like those pesky nipples or shadow is easier to retouch out, rather than a whole bra line.  Wear foundation only unless it was decided what make up your are wearing
  • Bring all jewelry accessories and props you think we could possibly use. Ie: Cowboy hat, men’s shirt, boa, head bow etc  No HOOP earring. So ghetto..!!!
  • No piercing thru your nose, lips, eyebrows etc. Unless there is a look your going for.
  • All fashion you would like to wear.
  • Bring heels for each fashion to match.
  • Iron all fashions you plan to wear.
  • Bring all your makeup.
  • Bring ideas of poses and concept you would like to shoot.  (Cut out magazine pictures, copy pictures from computer to show etc. )
  • if you have a make up and hair artist. Don't wash your hair. It will hold the style. Wash hair won't.
Ok here is your guide to what to wear and bring. We are going to keep it simple.  These are only suggestions. The photographer do not know exactly what your goal is or your need.  But your goal is to make all your shots that you like outstanding..!  Allot of that depends on your energy. 

Clothing and fashion.  Bring rich colors to wear. Nothing that looks worn of faded. Unless it’s a look you want. Rich browns and reds etc. That compliments your skin tone. One white spring dress loose fitting for a beauty shot. Spring dresses.

For you first photo port, you will need these basics shots for agents to see.  I will be making your head shot portrait for your book and digital comp card.  See attached for comp card.  Later you will need to order lots of head shots to give out at auditions, etc.

Head shots, you will need two basic shots. One natural and one more glamorous.  One with a great natural smile and one without.
A nice collared shirt and long sleeves. Your business suit outfit is perfect.  Bring glasses too to make you look cute and smart...! 
Natural Make Up: to make you look like you’re not wearing any and have natural beauty and cuteness. 
The second look will be all glamour make up. Fashion to match.

We will shoot head shot as your first pictures and then throughout your shoot.  Sometimes the best head shots with lots of energy are caught during the shoot when you’re more relaxed...

Body shots, full and 3/4:  Need a colorful spring dress, spaghetti straps and very feminine. Fun and flirty
and one white flow spring dress.  And one tighter dress, more fashion... bring accessories

Swimsuit: If your shoot is for modeling or fashion then you might need one. An image will go into your comp card.  If acting or singing then really there's no need, but it can't hurt.  If you do a swimsuit shot, colorful and not too tight with no padded cups.  Nice earrings and shoes to go with it.  Maybe a matching head scarf. It's considered fashion.  Remember you will be retouched as needed.

Additional suggested fashions:  A sports outfit...Bring a prop... Tight turtleneck sweater and matching pants or jeans.( great black and white) yoga outfit, dance outfit, White t-shirt and faded jeans, cute PJ's,

Also bring an assistant to help you change etc.  If you’re under 18 you need to bring a guardian at least 18 and over to witness and sign a release.  Lotion extra make up, earring etc.  No glitter make up.

Again, you will required to sign a release and fill out a model detail sheet. So the photographer can make and order you Zen/Comp card.

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