Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Gulf Photo Plus :: The Shootout with David Hobby and Joey L.

Photography Clubs in the Arab States...!

Some of the Biggest Photography events in the world happen in the Middle East.  Positive Information about Arab states are cencored all over the US.  Why?  Because politcal forces in the US need a boogy man for you to fear.  So you don't hear about event like this..!!!

While I was stationed in the middle east on military duty I discovered Glamour, Commercial and Middle Eastern Boudoir Photography..

Here is a Photo Shootout..! Dubai Studio City in Dubai, sponsored a Photographers Shootout featuring some of Americas Editorial/Commerical Photographers. Here is a video featuring one such shoot out with american photographer David Hobby.

Also, WPPI Convention has its counterpart in the Middle East sponsor by GPP..

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