Monday, February 14, 2011

Head Shots

My friend Lynn who is also a photographer by the way.  Wanted to shoot with me. We were taking a class on Fine Art Wedding Portraiture Photography.  I had learned all about loop lighting, butterfly, split and  Rembrandt lighting.  

I wanted to try some shots without the 4 lighting classics.  I abandoned the ratio associated with lighting too and elected to light straight on.  The problem with this type of lighting is that you can wash out the definition of the subject face.  So you have to have make up on extra heavy AND you have to make sure the exposure is totally correct.  Yeah, yeah yeah, I know...!  You can shoot, adjust the exposure, Shoot, adjust, shoot adjust.
But when you are at my level of experience you do it right the first time, small adjustments and then adjust to get the effect you want.  Hey thats what I get paid for. Not by time to do the shoot but by my experience to get the shot right..! 

 Lynn was the model and we brought in a make up artist to make her up.  Oh, did I mention she is also a photographer?  Lynn photograph families portraits, children and pets.  She is also a great model as you can see. We shot pin ups too..!!! 
Anyway, If you need her services let me know. 

Ok, So we shot a series and I put these together as a acting head collage.  I LIKE THIS LIGHTING..!  :)

 Lynn did some acting to make this photo pop..!!!  Very little retouch.  Now I added this to my lighting technique for models and people.  What do you think?    I want you all to try it and send me your result.!  I will post it if you like..! 

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