Thursday, May 12, 2011

See If You Have What It Takes To Become A Female Model

See If You Have What It Takes To Become A Female Model

Professional female model photographers are asked this question constantly. This question can not be answered honestly by a photographer, but they can tell you certain qualifications needed for modeling.

To find your true answer to "Do I Have the Look?", you need to contact several modeling agencies. Remember, agents are always looking for a specific set of physical criteria on female models, and the look they want changes from day to day.

Six Ways To Tell if You've Got The Look

If you have any questions about how you can know if you've got the look to become a female model, keep reading and hopefully you will find out if you should pursue a modeling career.

1. Do You Have The Right Physical Requirements for High Fashion Female Modeling?

Your height is a very crucial factor if you are considering the high fashion industry. Top agencies such as Elite and Ford require a girl's height to be between 5'8" to 6'.

Other requirements for high fashion female models are:

Bust: 32-35"

Waist: 22-25"

Hips: 33-36"

2. Has Anyone Said "You Have a Commercial Modeling Look?"

If you weren't blessed with height, but have a knack for selling, commercial modeling may be just what you want. You will just need to practice giving the look that will help sell the product. .

3. Have You Considered Glamour and Beauty Modeling?

If you are one of the lucky ones with a flawless complexion, you may decide on becoming a beauty model. For those that have a great body and don't mind showing it off, glamour modeling may be your choice.

Height is not an issue in glamour modeling, but you must have a toned body with 34-B Bust, 22-24" Waist and 34" Hips.

4. Are You Too Old To Start a Modeling Career?

Yes, there are women 35 and older who have gorgeous looks and bodies. Anyone who watched the TV show "She's Got The Look" knows this for a fact. If you are 35 or older and have the looks and body required for modeling, Go For It !!!!

Female modeling picture
Model is Lindy

5. Do You Have A Figure For Modeling?

Do you feel like you either weigh too much or maybe too little to become a female model?

Don't get discouraged because there is a place for plus size and petite modeling in the industry.

Remember, if you are a plus or petite size and plan to start a modeling career, you still want your body to be well-proportioned and toned.

6. Is Your Body Fit and Healthy Inside and Outside?

Even though having the right height and looks are essential in becoming a model, there are many other aspects that are very important.

Keep your body and mind in shape by eating healthy and daily exercise. Drink plenty of water and AVOID alcohol and drugs.

Bring out your true model beauty with an outgoing personality, good attitude and professionalism.

I hope this gave you a better insight on your question "Do I Have The Look" and if you plan to pursue a modeling career, Good Luck!!

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